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If you’re planning a redecoration project in your home, you’ll want the walls to be in good condition whether you’ll be painting or wallpapering over them. One question we’re often asked is whether new walls or walls in particularly poor condition should be plastered or dry lined. While either will give you a solid, durable and long-lasting wall covering, here are some of the factors you might want to take into account before making your final decision.

What to Look for

For most of us, our roofs are inaccessible, so you’re looking for internal and external signs that there’s a possible problem. Ironically, one of the typical signs is if you spot that a close neighbour is having their roof worked on. If your houses were built round about the same time, it’s possible that yours is in need of roof maintenance or replacement too.

Next, check after any spell of particularly bad weather. Externally, stand as far back from your property as you can and look for missing or slipped tiles or shingles. Check the chimney and the area around it too – is there any crumbling or anything standing proud that shouldn’t be? If you spot problems, you may need storm damage repairs.

Even if you can’t see any visible damage, if you’re worried about the age and condition of your roof, it’s also worth having a roofing contractor check it over in spring or autumn before the worst of the weather arrives, as a precaution.

Internally, look for staining on exterior walls or pooling on floors in the attic or upper floors. These can be signs that the roof has leaks. The water ingress may be intermittent, so if it dries up and disappears, still have an expert check it out before it becomes a major problem.

Sometimes, you’ll notice water leaking down from guttering. The guttering is an integral part of your roofing system, so it’s always a good idea to keep them clear and clean to stop problems with them from spreading further over your roof. And if you or the contractor you ask to clean the gutters spots any black or grey granules appearing in there, that could be a sign that the roof shingles are beginning to break down. When this happens, they won’t be protecting your home as well as they should, so remedial action should be taken at an early stage.

Take Action To Maintain Your Roof

Here at A and D Plastering and Property Maintenance, we offer expert roofing repairs and roof maintenance, as well as chimney repair. We can also address problems with guttering. If you’re concerned your roof isn’t doing its job, leaving you and your property vulnerable to the elements, call us today. We also offer a wide range of other property maintenance and building renovations, including external and internal plastering, rendering, fencing and paving. If you need help, call us today.

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