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Professional Roofing Services and Repairs

Roof Repairs & Service Shropshire

A roof that’s been damaged can let water, wind and other elements into your property. Left unaddressed, missing or cracked tiles can cause serious damage to your home or business premises over time. Hire quality, fast and efficient roofing services from A and D Plastering and Property Maintenance in Telford and we’ll get the problem fixed in no time, leaving your property protected for the future.

Our Roofing Services

  • Roof maintenance
  • Repairs to damage
  • Guttering problems resolved
  • Chimney repair
  • Affordable re-roofing

      Why Your Roof May Need Attention

      What are the key signs of a problem with your roof? If you stand back from your property and look up, you may notice that shingles or tiles are missing. But there are other less obvious indicators. You may see a water stain forming on your ceiling, or notice drips or signs of damp on internal walls from time to time. Perhaps you can see mould or moss forming on external walls. All these are clues that your roof may be in need of attention.

      Water leaking into your home can cause damage to decoration and your belongings. Over time, it can cause wooden rafters to rot and also increase the chances of an infestation of pests or mould that can adversely affect your family’s health. Water can even get into your electrical systems, increasing the risk of short-circuiting and fire. And if you have loose or broken tiles, you’re running the risk of them falling and possibly harming your family, your car or passers-by.

      Fast, Affordable Roofing Solutions

      With roofs, the sooner you have the problem fixed, the better. Repair of a minor issue is always quicker and significantly cheaper than if it becomes a major problem, when the entire roof may have to be replaced. Call us today. We carry out minor roof repairs and maintenance. We can also fix or replace guttering and solve any problems with your chimney and the surrounding area. If the worst comes to the worst, we even offer affordable re-roofing services. Contact us for an honest assessment of the problem and a free quote for resolving it.

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